Creating a saison that improves over time – pure Bliss.

When we set about brewing Bliss we wanted to produce a spicy apricot saison, brewed for the autumn and winter months. Saison’s are usually brewed to be crisp and light, dry and moreish. This one would be different.

We wanted a saison with a deeper, darker edge to it, a beer that could also be aged and would develop and change character over time. 

There are big fruit flavours from 50kg of roasted apricots and a dry spiciness from the yeast. This is then enhanced by our own additional blend of spices. Bliss has a slightly darker crystal malt edge to it than you would traditionally expect from a saison to help bring the fruit to the fore. The brettanomyces further develops these flavours over time, giving a more rustic farmyard edge to the beer and a further complex fruit character. 

Lamb tagine has proved to be the perfect partner to Bliss, the fruit and dark rich meat pair well and the spices from both sides are a complimentary partnership. It’s also a good match to a full-flavoured goats cheese. 



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