This spicy, fruity little number is full of character making it a welcome guest at the dinner table.

Scarlet was inspired by a particularly interesting German crystal malt called Cara aroma. It has distinctly berry and raisin flavours bursting out of it, quite unlike any other malt we’ve tasted. These were favours we just had to try in one of our own beers.

Scarlet has a complex malt bill with a number of different malts in the grist and generous hopping regime that gives it a spiky citrus kick. 

We think it’s a fantastic food pairing beer. 

Chorizo – Scarlet works with spicy sausage on a number of levels, the big malt backbone of the beer combines well to the meaty goodness of the sausage, neither over-powering the other whilst the hop character plays in harmony with the spiciness. Hops and spices are amazing together the bitterness in both seem to cancel out, leaving the beautiful flavours to play around on the taste buds. 

Alpine Cheese – there’s a background toffee sweetness to the beer that is the perfect complement to the sweet alpine cheeses, such as Comte. The body of the cheese and beer seem at one with each other, with the hoppy bitterness and carbonation leaving you desperate for another piece of cheese (and some more beer). 

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