One of the reasons we chose Westcombe Dairy as the home of Wild Beer Co. was our love of cheese.

We have been fortunate to make some great friends in the cheese world and two of our closest make amazing unpasteurised Caerphilly cheeses.

Whilst both of the cheeses, Gorwydd and Duckett's share many similarities, they are also distinctly different. We love to pair our beer with cheese, indeed before we were brewing full time we did a tasting with the Westcombe Dairy cheese and our prototype beers.

When we are pairing beers to cheese we look for similar intensities of flavour, and good complimentary – or in some cases contrasting – flavours. The Epic and Caerphilly pairing is definitely a complimentary one. The cheese and the beer both have savoury and citrus layers of flavour to them, and it’s these similar flavours that make this pairing so good.

Epic Saison has two distinctive characters, one from its signature hop, the other from the yeast strain. The Sorachi Ace hop has a distinctly tangerine citrus edge to it and the saison yeast has a spicy, earthy character. These are the flavour components of the beer that make this such a well-balanced pairing. The Epic is a dry and effervescent beer due to its hungry yeast and this aspect helps refresh the palette as the carbonation scrubs out the creamy texture.



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