Tales From The Wood

Tales From The Wood


Inaugurated in July 2018, Tales From the Wood is an event and concept that showcases our brewery and the fruits of our first five years of barrel-ageing and blending knowledge.

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A showcase of barrels & blending

With our barrel library now containing an extensive variety of aged wood that ranges from red and white wine, sherry and cider brandy, to whisky, bourbon, rum, port, and tequila barrels, we have amassed a broad flavour bank that is then used as the basis for the blending process.

"The event is a first for the brewery who have established themselves as one of Europe’s leading Farmhouse breweries. The barrel store now contains in excess of 600 barrels with 5 red wine French Oak foudres from the Napa Valley completing the ageing facility" 
However it doesn't diminish from our approach to 'clean' beers. The Bibble, the Pogo, the Nebula and Sleeping Lemons and Limes that you enjoy all year round. Far from it. Tales From The Wood is simply a further exploration into wild taste and flavour that uses authentic techniques to achieve it's ever changing results. 

Expect to see more Tales From The Wood soon as we continue this project into 2019.

Drink Wildly Different!

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Celebrating a love affair with wood

Tales From The Wood is an expression of what we do. Originally conceived as an event to showcase our love affair with wood, we have taken the  concept on tour and displayed it at festivals across the UK.

Featuring an array of Wild Beer classics, rarities and lesser-spotted releases, it aims to celebrate beers such as the Modus range, The Blends, Redwood annual releases, seasonal releases and limited one-offs - not forgetting our collaborative efforts with UK-based, European and American breweries.

The event itself was hosted at our farmhouse brewery in July 2017. By involving talks, tastings and tours it provided access to some of the rarest Wild Beers ever made. As a concept the TFTW event has been taken on the road to festivals such as the London Craft Beer Festival and the Indy Man Beer Con in Manchester.