Our Brewery

Our Brewery


Set against the backdrop of the Somerset countryside we truly are a farmhouse brewery!

From humble beginnings...

A Californian Brewer, an Englishman, a love of wild fermentation and a desire to challenge the perceptions of beer. We believe in brewing exciting, complex, wild beer. We believe that every day we should strive to improve: improve ourselves, improve our beer, improve as a brewery.

The Wild Beer Co was born out of a love of fermentation, barrel-ageing, and most importantly flavour. We think of our beers as having a unique terroir; our house wild yeast was captured in a neighbouring cider orchard and we often forage seasonal, wild ingredients from around the local area.

"When we started brewing in 2012 we challenged people’s perceptions of what beer is, how it can taste and how it can be enjoyed"

In late 2012 we started brewing in the kitchen of Westcombe Dairy's site, producing 2400 litres of beer a week using 3 oak barrels and some manual bottling equipment. They were humble beginnings, but we had total belief in what we were trying to do and a strong desire to brew boundary-pushing beer. 

"The brewery was started with a passion for the flavours of barrel-aged, wild and sour beers. Our base in Somerset was a perfect backdrop that provided the inspiration and ingredients to begin that dream”