It’s all about sharing knowledge, improving our skill-set through the knowledge of others and partnering with talent from around the globe as well as those closer to home.

To Collaborate: Co-operate, join forces, team up, get together, come together, band together, work together, participate, unite, combine, merge, associate, amalgamate, integrate...

To us at the Wild Beer Co, collaboration is a key element of our business. Each of these joint efforts has to have a story or a rationale. It’s about sharing knowledge, improving our skill-set through the knowledge of others. It’s about partnering with talent from around the globe as well as those closer to home. It’s about bettering ourselves and ultimately improving the beer that we brew. These are not vanity projects, nor are they financially-driven schemes.
This year's collaborative efforts will include an array of projects across blending and barrel-ageing, both here and in the US and Europe, as well as a series of limited cask partnerships. We’ve curated these collaborations carefully, as we feel that not only is there a huge learning potential in working with these breweries, but it also shows a statement of our intent as a leading European farmhouse-style brewery.

"Collaborations are an exploration of creativity, taste and flavour and they challenge the perceptions of what good beer should be"

The collaboration projects have been broken down into the following:

- Cellarman Project Cask Collaborations
- US Collaborations
- Tales From The Wood Collaborations 

The Cellarman Project

We are proud to announce that the partners for our cask collaborations this year are: 
Left Handed Giant (UK), Magic Rock (UK), Ignition Brewery (UK), Fullers (UK), Budvar (CZ), and Brooklyn Brewery (USA).

- The project is also about highlighting the importance not only of how we produce our beer, but how we look after it and maintain it once it rests in a venue's cellar. The job of the cellarman is crucial in maintaining the quality of the beer effectively from cellar to pump – this appreciation is what cemented the project idea between ourselves and Garrett Oliver at Brooklyn. The beer will travel with notes and pump clips that allow for ‘tapped’ and 'best by’ dates to be added by the venue. 
Each of the beers produced in this series will bring something wildly different to the market. They will be a unique sum of the parts brought into the collaboration, the combination of our ideas and identities at this moment in each brewery’s development. Through this, we will add our collective weight to the argument that cask beer is capable of being more than 'the cheapest pint at the bar.’

USA Collaboration projects

We are hugely excited and honoured to announce that we will be working with:
Side Project Brewing / Jester King / American Solera / Firestone & Walker / Cascade / & Arizona Wilderness  breweries, who lead the field with their own respective sour and barrel-aged programs.

In terms of collaborations this year, we are actively working on polishing our reputation in North America. In 2018 we’ll be doing a series of “Home & Away” style collaborations, each one designed to bring a unique aspect of our respective terroir across the Atlantic to a well-respected US brewing partner.

'Tales From The Wood' European Collaborations

Our last set of partnerships see us cement our love affair with wood and the barrel-ageing process. Those breweries include To Øl, Loverbeer, Magic Rock, Lindheim Ølkompani, Alesong Brewing and Blending, and Oud Beersel.

These joint ventures fall under our Tales From The Wood banner as we celebrate our summer event of the same name with a year's worth of aged collabs.

The Wild barrel store is now tipping 600 oak barrels of various wine and spirit denominations, not to mention our four Napa Valley red wine foudres. These collaborations feature both the ageing and blending techniques that we have honed over the last five years. By partnering with those who share this passion we aim to produce incredible and intriguing beer. 

"In choosing our collaboration partners, we have not been constrained by geography, size or market segmentation. Instead, we have sought out those whose ethos and passion we share; those who will push our boundaries and their own.''