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A few months ago, we ‘went wild’ with chef and food writer, Valentine Warner.

The objective: to bring beer and food together in a way that’s never been explored before.

By blending different ingredients and flavour combinations together, we were able to transform the role of beer from an ordinary dinner accompaniment, to an important and essential part of the dish and flavour experience itself.

Venison Jungle Curry + WIld IPA

Watch our short film to find out how to cook this one yourself at home.

Venison Jungle Curry has been designed to pair perfectly with Wild IPA beer. The unique 3-yeast blend in this beer provides a level of acidity that cuts through rich food perfectly, balanced with a dry finish and low moreish bitterness. Its body and alcohol stand up to the spices in this curry whilst the citrus and herbal hop notes accentuate the garlic and ginger, making it an excellent accompaniment.

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Served with coronation mayonnaise and fries and paired with It’s a R.I.P.A beer.

The serving of wonderful game birds can be traditionally tiresome in its likely associations with bread sauce, bacon or in casseroles. However, the results of this dish will only encourage a lip-smacking frenzy.

It’s a R.I.P.A is also no ordinary IPA. Aged in oak foudre, it has been transformed into a beautifully complex beer with tropical fruit flavours that come through from the hops and yeasts. This works in harmony with the mango character of the coronation sauce, elevating the beautifully spiced crispy coating of the partridge.

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Stuffed Roast Mallard + Mon Cherry

A favourite among British wild ducks, the mallard is easy to cook and a most delicious dinner guest, particularly when paired with our cherry beer.

Mon Cherry is a blended love affair uniting a barrel and foudre-aged wild cherry sour with a freshly dry-hopped IPA. It melds perfectly with the beetroot and sour cherries we've added to this classic duck dish.

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One of Val’s absolute go-to dishes for pheasant, this juicy, tender, crispy, buttery, sharp and salty dish pairs beautifully with Liripip beer.

Liripips crisp finish, light bitterness, and tight bubbly carbonation cuts through the rich buttery breadcrumbs, while its slight acidity blends with the capers and pickled walnuts. Here, it’s the delicate similarities in flavour and intensity of both the dish and beer that makes them the perfect pairing.