Funky Beer


Complex flavours found in our wild yeasts & ingredients

'Funk' has long been synonymous with negative off-flavours caused by hops, ingredients or wild yeasts, in particular Saccharomyces such as Brettanomyces. Once honed, however, these off-flavours can be incredibly desirable as they create whole new layers of flavour and bring a huge amount of complexity, balancing more conventional flavours.

Funkyness can be achieved by ageing in barrel or in bottle, once conditioned or cellared. This can make collecting beer all the more exciting: we recommend buying two of our 'wild' beers, one to drink now and one to age for years to come. This is to taste the added development and complexity from the yeasts continuing to eat through or metabolise, the beer.


  • Acrid
  • Complexity
  • Sweaty
  • Esters
  • Tangy
  • Musky
  • Earthy
Beers with this taste