Sourness is at the heart of what we do

One of the most important flavours for a Wild Beer. Our first ever beer was a sour beer - Modus Operandi! It gave birth to our brewery and is the essence of our passion that encompasses barrel-ageing, fruit-foraging, maturing, and blending.

Sour beer has been produced for years but only know are they becoming common place in a modern brewiers repetoire. A number of different techniques are used to make our sour beers: blending, ageing, sour-mashing and inoculating. At Wild Beer we use traditional methods combined with modern techniques to achieve geuine souring through slow maturation as opposed to the modern technique Kettling to speed up the process.
This, in turn, developes a more complex sourness that, rather than dominating your pallet, leaves layers of tangy, refreshing, and addictive waves of flavours.


  • Tangy
  • Citrus
  • Crisp
  • Berries
  • Stone / Dried Fruits
  • Sharp
  • Acid
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