Beer & Cheese Tasting #2


We are back for another Beer & Cheese tasting!

We are back for another night of LIVE entertainment and plenty of beer & cheese courtesy of ourselves and Westcombe Dairy!

Get your box here: https://www.wildbeerco.com/item/560/MixedCases/Beer-Cheese-Live-Tasting-Box.html

We will have our co-founder Brett Ellis along with Westcombe Dairy's top cheesemaker Tom Carver talking through the Beers + Cheeses on offer and how they are made and compliment each other so well!

We have also put together another Beer & Cheese tasting box for you to purchase ahead of the event on Friday 17th. We will be tasting through 4 NEW epic Beer & Cheese pairings with you where you can join in the festivities from your own home!

Beer & Cheese Box #2 contains:

  • 1x Bat's Valley 750ml - 5.7%
  • 1x Sleeping Lemons 330ml - 3.6%
  • 1x Somerset Wild 330ml - 5%
  • 1x Quantic 330ml - 4.7%
  • 1x Teku Tasting Glass
  • Westcombe Cheddar - 250g
  • Westcombe Caerphilly - 200g
  • Westcombe Ricotta
  • Rollright Guest Cheese