LIVE - BBQ Beer Tasting


New 'Wild Fire' Tasting Box

July kicks off with not 1 but 3 LIVE tastings!

Our Wild Fire BBQ tasting event will feature a live tasting of some epic beers to pair with your BBQ's.


- Millionaire BBQ Sauce
- WB Oak smoking chips
- Pilton guest keeved cider
- 2x Tepache
- 2x Vivo IPA
- 2x Nebula
- 2x Sleeping Limes
- 3x Bier Nuts Snacks


We will also be showing you cooking demonstrations and a tutorial on how to use our new WBC Oak wood chips which are included in your box!

Brett will be drinking these beers with you live and explaining why they work so well with food and how to use them as a cooking ingredient.