Vertical Beyond Modus tasting



Tonight our co-founder Andrew Cooper is hosting an impromptu vertical Beyond Modus tasting at Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf to celebrate the launch of Beyond Modus VI!  

He will be guiding you through the last 5 iterations of Beyond Modus and taking you on a journey to discover the art of blending and what goes into one of our biggest releases of the year.. 

Location: Wild Beer at Wapping Wharf 
Tickets: £10
Times: 5pm & 8.30pm
Available online and at the bar 

Tickets HERE

Modus Operandi is the beer that started the Wild Beer Co, the idea of brewing a beer aged in different barrels, for different time periods, with wild yeasts and then blended together to create a layered complex beer was the dream we hoped to follow.

Modus is aged in both Burgundy red wine and bourbon oak casks, the barrels bring richness, vanilla, acidity, vinous flavours and tannins to the beer and are the perfect environment for the wild yeasts to thrive. After 2 years of brewing Modus Operandi we had asked ourselves many times what else we could do with this beer? What would different barrels or blending small amounts of other beers into it create?

Those thoughts and questions led us to create Beyond Modus, an annual release that takes the idea of Modus Operandi and gets creative with it, taking it “Beyond”.

This year we are releasing the 6th vintage, bringing fruit into the equation for the first time. This version was matured with Triomphe D’Alsace grape juice from Melbury Vale Vineyard and aged in beautiful red wine barrels and a few sherry barrels. After tasting the blend we decided to add in a couple of aged barley wine barrels that helped round out the beer and finish it off. As ever, this is a one-off limited release, that we always love to enjoy with Christmas dinner!

Next year’s (or maybe the year after?) Beyond project has already spent a year in barrel with a completely new technique and different take on the beer. This is our favourite project and one we hope you enjoy drinking as much as we enjoy creating…