ADVENT DAY 23: Games & Beer Pairings


Christmas Games

Advent Day 23

To celebrate the eve of Christmas eve, we're bringing you some beery entertainment. As lockdown restrictions tighten, it’s likely we’ll all be stuck inside this Christmas and in need of some festive cheering up. Here’s a few ideas on how to spice up some of your festive games…

Scrabble + Zintuki

Dig out the scrabble board and crack open a Zintuki. We’ve paired these two together, not just because Zintuki will score you a whopping 20 points on the scrabble board but because it’s a perfect sour sipper to get you through the afternoon.

Cluedo + Murmur

…there’s been a murmur. A great game for the evening - forget the lead pipe in the dining room - drink enough of this wine-inspired beer at 5% and you’ll be ready to take the candlestick to the bedroom.

Monopoly + Trillionaire

Because why else would you play Monopoly other than to become a Trillionaire? Sit back, get that hotel on Mayfair, count your big bucks and take a big sip of the good stuff.

Sleeping lions + Sleeping Lemons Export

This is one for all the tired parents out there this Christmas, want a break from the kids for five minutes? How about a good old game of Sleeping Lions – get your kids lying on the floor with their eyes closed and sit back with a bottle of our Sleeping Lemons Export. They’ll never know!

Floor is lava + Concorporo

Another one for the kids and a classic game for when you’re stuck inside - get all the cushions off the sofa and start leapfrogging around the Christmas tree. Pair this with a bottle of Concorporo (you’re gonna need it), it’s a magical elixir with a suitably wavy lava-like label.

We hope some of these suggestions will help to liven up your games this Christmas! There's nothing a beer can't help...