Artificial Gravity Machine


We have a shiny new toy to play with in the brewery - a centrifugal filtration system!

Filtration in our industry is often viewed in a negative light, we often slant the negative light towards excessive filtration our selves! So why invest in our most expensive bit of kit to date? Time and space.

So what is a centrifuge?

A centrifuge is basically a series of spinning discs - 169 of them, to be precise - in a cone shaped housing. The spinning force kicks all the solids to the outside of the cone acting the same way that gravity does. It just does it an awful lot faster...

Why use one?

Prior to the centrifuge arriving we have been crash cooling our beer to filter which uses gravity and time (at a low temperature) to setlle a lot of the solids (haze) out of a beer. When you take a bottled beer out of the fridge the sediment will have sellted to the bottom, this is the basis of crash cooling. 

We have never filtered through plates / papers which physically block particles from entering the packaged beer as we feel this would leave a lot of the flavour behind, literally stripping it from the product. We prefer a more gentle appraoch, gravity...

The centifuge is a gentle giant - while rotating at 7200rpm a 5p will stand upright without a quiver!! See the picture on the front page if you dont beleive us.

Now here's the great part - where gravity and time would take up to 3 days in tank the centrifuge takes 1 hour to transfer and clarify a beer in a gentle and natural (if enhanced) way.