Barrel aged Yadokai and Raconteur 3yr


We’ve been roaming through our barrel library at the brewery and tucked away in some dusty corners we’ve found some absolutely incredible gems! A quick...(ish) sampling session and we knew it was time to release not one long-term project but two, back to back.


Raconteur 3yr | 9.9%

Our first barley-wine released back in 2013. However, we held back a portion to be aged in barrels and the time has come to put this beer back together, over three years later… 

The blend is focused around the flavours imparted in the beer from a Somerset Cider Brandy barrel - rich and warming, hints of apple play brilliantly with the malt backbone of the beer.


Barrel-Aged Yadokai | 13%

Yadokai was originally a mass collaboration producing a sake-inspired beer brewed with sea buckthorn, yuzu, sea salt and sea weed (Konbu and Hijiki). We tucked some of this sake-inspired, 13% monster into both bourbon and burgundy barrels to mature slowly. Two years on and the beer is tasting incredible, micro-oxidation playing a huge part inducing a sherry-like quality and tightening the salinity.


These beers are the culmination of blending a dusty couple of barrels together so to say they are limited edition is an understatement! Only appearing in 330ml bottles there will be a limited number on our online shop and the full allocation has been passed out to our distributors across the UK. So noise up your local bottle shop and wrap your taste buds around the flavour of some of our best barrels to date!