3 special edition beers that have been aged in carefully sourced oak casks, that will enhance the flavours and complexities of the original beers.

Ninkasi has been aged in Somerset Cider Brandy barrels, Wildebeest has had a year in Highland Scotch casks and Raconteur spent 9 months in 25 year old Marc de Bourgogne barrels.


Ninkasi Premier Cru - came about after a visit to the Somerset Cider Brandy Company at Burrow Hill where Julian Temperley showed us  around his amazing farm. On smelling some of his used barrels we thought they would be the perfect vessel to age some of our Ninkasi in. The cider brandy flavours naturally combine beautifully with the apple flavours in the beer and the farmyard brettanomyces character in the beer has become more dominant. This is a beer we always wanted to make and we are delighted to say, it doesn't disappoint. Not as highly carbonated as the "normal" Ninkasi, this is softer, more mellow, with a long lingering fruit character. 

Raconteur - an aged barley wine, that has spent the last 9 months slowly developing in Marc de Bourgogne casks. We bought the barrels with this beer in mind, as soon as we opened them up the aroma that hit us screamed barley wine at us. It's a dark, warming style of bar, with a rich, boozy, fruitcake character. The big flavours and warming alcohol make this the perfect winter beer. 

Whiskebeest - a year ago we put 2 barrels worth of Wildebeest in Whisky barrels - it was all we could spare. The rich chocolate, vanilla and coffee flavours have melded beautifully with the Whisky and the wood to produce a smooth and mellow beer. One of the barrels was a Highland Whisky cask, the other an Islay Whisky cask, The combination of the two leads to a little smoke character and a very smooth decadent drink. 


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