Beers for Spring


We've launched three new beers for Spring.


Taking Sleeping Lemons, our prevered lemon gose, overseas meant taking a little longer before it got to thirsty drinkers glasses so we increased the ABV and bottle size to suit such a voyage. The result is a bigger, beefier gose with sweetness from the extra malt and alcohol with the same acidity and lemon hit. Where Sleeping Lemons tasted of Victorian Lemonade - Sleeping Lemons Export tastes like Lemon Meringue Pie. 

POGO | 4%

A keg and cask only release, a refeshing pale ale which is packed with Brett's favourite fruits from his ancestral home of California - Passion fruit, Orange, Guava and Orange! With both juice and zest being used it was only fair to mention orange twice... A riot of fruity flavours and a sessionable strength mean POGO is the perfect glass to sit in your favourite beer garden spurring on the coming sun with every sip.


Smoke 'n' Barrels - Spring is the beginning of our seasonal smoked beer range with one due every season (more to come on this later). The beer uses malt smoked in house with our very own purpose built smoker. Unlike the cheesy/bacon beers of Bamburg there is a delicate and refined sweetness imparted by not using beech wood but by burning cherry wood, rosemary and tyme.