The Blend '19


Introducing our 5th annual blend.. 

Barrel Aged Sour + Blending + Time

This is the fifth edition of our annual golden sour blend. This series is a celebration of our barrel ageing programme using a classic range of our slowly matured sours including the likes of Sourdough, Somerset Wild and Amuse, with a select few very special barrels blended in too. Fruit forward barrel aged beers are the backbone to these blends which means they’re great for drinking now or cellaring for years to come.

This blend is a celebration of oak! We have taken 7 different beers, 14 barrels, 5 years of experience and beers that have been aged in Bordeaux wine barrels for up to 4 years to create this summer’s Blend.

In addition to Sourdough, Somerset Wild and Amuse, we have used barrels of foudre saison, Redwood, Rooting around Spring and Loverbier. The combination of these barrels come together to create a delicately soft, yet complex, golden barrel aged sour.

This Summer Blend will age beautifully in bottle as it has done in barrel so is ready to drink now or be cellared!

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