Boxing Day Exclusives


3 New Exclusives! 

Boxing Day Special!

We’ve dug deep into the archives to bring you a few limited editions this Boxing Day. Act quickly to get yours, only a very limited number available! Here's Brett to introduce them... links to shop below!


Introducing our Three Exclusives:

IBIMI - 5% 330ml 

Inspiration from our beers often comes from food, and this beer is no exception! This beer is a cranberry gose with lime zest and coriander. Sharp but juicy cranberries, combined with a hint of citrus from lime zest, a balancing richness from the malts, and finally a seasoning of salt and coriander. 

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Dakurodo -  9% ABV 330ml

Previously only released in our 12 Beers of Christmas box.

An imperial stout blended from a number of our bestselling stouts and finished with luxurious seasonal flavours of orange and nutmeg. Rich and chocolatey, with a none-too-subtle hint of fruit and spice that brings a delicious balance. 

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Beyond Modus IV - 8% ABV 750ml 

Released in 2017 - we have kept a small number of these back for special releases. Beyond Modus IV is a blended sour red ale, aged in red wine and bourbon barrels. Further time was then spent re-ageing that blend in more wood for further maturation and to build more complexity and intensity. The epitome of our barrels store is released each winter, the perfect time to enjoy Beyond Modus.

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