BrettBrett Fest


BrettBrett is a double IPA with a difference; it is 100% Brettanomyces fermented. We want to make the launch of BrettBrett a nationwide event so we asked the best (in our opinion) bars round the UK to launch it simultaneously alongside a Brettanomyces festival.

On Friday the 16th of October BrettBrett Fest will sweep the UK. You’ll be able to enjoy the incredible BrettBrett Double IPA alongside at least five other brettanomyces beers in the best bars around.

Our love of Brettanomyces comes from its changeable and unpredictable nature, it’s truly wild!  The range of beers that will be available on draft at the multi-site festival will vary massively from subdued funky aromas with intense carbonation to overt, tart fruity character with a striking acidity.

It is a progressive yeast that is particularly hardy. It hangs around and eats everything (it even starts on the cellulose on the inside of barrels once it’s done with everything else!). The flavours that it produces are changed into different ones a few months down the line. The depth of flavours possible with Brettanomyces is as staggering as it is exciting.

Regardless of whether you want the Sharp or Funky end of Brettanomyces you’ll find them both and everything inbetween, no matter which venue you’re attending. 


Wild Beer at Jessop House - Cheltenham

Colona and Hunter - Bath

Smallbar - Bristol 

Mother Kelly's - London 

BrewDog Shepherd's Bush - London

The Smithfield - Manchester 

Friends of Ham - Leeds

The Free Trade Inn - Newcastle

The Hanging Bat - Edinburgh 

Brewbot - Belfast