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Budvar and Wild Beer collaboration - Saaz Trek

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We have co-created an intriguing blended beer for Budvar’s very first collaboration, ever!
The result is an amalgamation of creativity from; Aleš Dvořák – Budvar’s own beer sommelier, and our very own Wild-brewers.

We knocked on a number of doors of our friends: brewers we respect and breweries we like. We asked them to be involved in this cask-only collaboration project so we can...create something new that neither one of us would have been able to create by ourselves." Brett Ellis, Wild Beer Co.

With a recipe that has been developed over 6 months, 1000 miles and 2 languages; November saw Aleš trek over from Prague with Budvar’s yeast, malt and famous Saaz leaf hops. Combining our ingredients, we brewed 2 beers with 2 yeasts; one with the Wild beer house ale Yeast and the other with Budvar's.

At the beginning of November, our friends from Budvar paid us a visit and bought ingredients with them to brew up their first ever collaboration in over 120 years of brewing! We made 2 different beers from the same recipe and ingredients by using 2 different yeasts and fermentation: one bottom, the other top. After fermentation, we blended our two creations together and matured for time and contemplation.

The beer was launched on the 29th November at the Euston Tap in London where it sold it in record time. Now available throughout the UK, catch it whilst you still can!

You can find the movie from the brew day and a Q&A with Brett & Aleš: Here
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