Coolship 2020


Our 2020 Coolship is here, comprising of 8 Coolship brews!

A Coolship beer in many ways the pinnacle of what our wild and barrel-aged beers are all about as this beer is as low intervention as we can make it.

Each batch of beer in this blend has been naturally cooled in shallow vats, borrowed from our neighbours at Westcombe Dairy. They were previously used for making their cheese curds and that’s fitting given that our barrel library is in an ex-cheddar store.

The saying goes “humans make wort and microbes make beer” and this beer is exactly that, humans started it and microbes finished it.

This blend is phenomenal! Comprising of 8 different Coolship brews spanning the 2017-19 brewing seasons and a total volume of 2300 litres. This brings an amazing amount of depth and complexity to the final beer, where the previous year’s blend was 3 different brews across 3 different years and only yielding 800 litres. The volume and diversity make a huge difference in blended beers. Our blending team was also wider than before with 6 people rather than 2 or 3. This also helps with finding the perfect blend which can be a needle in a haystack.

Coolship 2020 LIVE Tasting Event - Friday, May 29th 8.30-9.30pm

Get our Coolship 2020 tasting box now which includes an ULTRA rare MYSTERY BOTTLE which is one of the very first sour barrel-aged beers we have ever made

Also available is our Bat's Valley tasting box (live on 05/06) which you can buy together with the Coolship box to save 10% + get Free delivery!

Grab your case before the tasting and try them along with us, or just simply join us anyway and learn more some of your favourite beers!

The event will be live on our Facebook and Instagram channels so join us then at 8.30-9.30pm on Friday, May 29th.

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