Coolship 2021 Release: Behind the Scenes


Our third Coolship release has just launched online! 

Coolship 2021

Spontaneous Beer + Pale + Barrel Aged

A coolshipped beer is in many ways the pinnacle of what our wild and barrel-aged beers are all about. This is the third release of our spontaneously fermented barrel-aged beer, but we have been busy at the brewery for the past five winters and have been refining and experimenting with each passing season.

Each batch of beer in this coolship blend has been brewed using natural spring water cooled in shallow vats over the winter months using the ambient air temperature in a traditional, large shallow vessel known as a coolship. In our case, being based on a dairy farm we use vats borrowed from our neighbours at Westcombe Dairy. These vats were previously used for making their cheese curds and that is fitting, given that our barrel library is in an ex-cheddar store.

As it cools, microflora from the surrounding area inoculates the wort and, in the morning, we rack the soon to become beer into our oak barrels and foeders, where the entire fermentation and maturation takes place over many months. Coolship 2021 is a blend of these spontaneously fermented beers aged over the seasons.

After undertaking a very slow fermentation and flavour development the beer is ready. Patience and minimal intervention have been one of the absolute key ingredients to this beer! 

The finished beer has strong aromas of nectarine and apricot, complemented by aged hops and flavours of stone fruits, particularly apricots. Furthermore, Coolship 2021 embodies a light bitterness, brisk acidity, and a juicy body, as well as a clean, dry, and lingering finish.

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