Current Brewery


Our Barrel store has seen some pretty dramatic expansion in the last 4 years from it’s humble beginnings of 3 barrels we now host approximately 427 barrels (depending on whether it’s a blending or racking week…)

The barrel Library as we call it is something that sits at the heart of our brewery, producing our flagship Modus Operandi, our reason d’être, why we exist as a brewery - to bring together barrel ageing and blending to create incredible flavours. 


The Barrel Library’s greatest transformation came at the end of 2016 when we shipped fresh from California 5 red wine Foudres; essentially huge wooden barrels that stand up on their end. This is the sapling beginnings of our Foudre Forest which we will be expanding in the next few years.

Already considered to be at the forefront of barrel aged and sour beers in the UK we are aiming to advance our barrel library to somewhere in the region of 2000 oak barrels, maxing out our current site, within the next 2-3 years. Good thing we’re building a new brewery to house all of our non-barrel aged beers!