Dr Todd 2019


Brewed with 'Black Bee Honey's' unpasturised, raw honey.

Back due to popular demand for 2019 is Dr Todd!

The beer that was inspired by the Hot Toddy cocktail. It features a mix of Islay Whiskey, Honey, Lemon, & Ginger. Perfect for the long winter months (and for the common cold). The beer has been barrel-aged for 11 months through the season so this Dr Todd was actually brewed and barrelled back in February 2018.

At Wild Beer, we believe exceptional brewing stems from imagination, passion, and most importantly flavour. It was this that led us to discover our friends at ‘Black Bee Honey’, based less than five miles away from our brewery! Named after the native British honey bee, Black Bee Honey supports British bees and farmers by providing premium honey sourced from the best British Bee farms.

The honey is harvested straight from the honeycomb, therefore, the honey carries traces of the seasons, reflecting the weather and flora of the honeybees’ natural habitat. This means that each jar is unique in flavour, hue and consistency, tasting the bees’ adventures in every batch.

"We love the unique flavours that are found in their honey and how this marries with our ethos of making beer."

Try Black Bee Honey here: https://www.blackbeehoney.co/shop/
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