Et Tu? Brut IPA


Unless your head has been burried deep in the sand you would have heard of the new super-trend in craft beer - the Brut IPA.

Et Tu Brut IPA is our first collaboration with long standing friends, Stillwater from NY Brooklyn. Known for their super contemporary styles, we couldn’t think of a better brewery to help us create what could be the next big thing! Exploding from San Francisco’s beer scene, comes this on-trend IPA. A Brut IPA is defined by bold characteristics including its: dryness, effervescence, and bright aromatic hop character that lacks the traditional bitterness of a West Coast IPA.

Using a super attenuator in the boil we have managed to create a low perceived bitterness, whilst retaining a solid tropical hop profile. By adding Ekuanot hops, we’ve created vinous notes giving a character resembling Brut Champagne. These features consolidate, resulting in a crisp and truly distinctive IPA - what else would you expect from a Stillwater and Wild Beer collaboration?

For the project the amazing design team at Stillwater created their take on our Wild Beer stags. For those who didn't know our logo is actually a merge of two stags clashing horns! We think it looks great!