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We launch our vintage release program bringing back some old favourites...

This project was born to celebrate the art of ageing and ‘cellaring’ exceptional beer.

We revisit some of our very special previous releases which we have been accumulating in very small numbers over the past 6 years. It’s a homage to all things Wild. Wild ideas, Wild yeasts & Wild Beer!

The Wild Beer Co was the first brewery in the UK to specialise in barrel-ageing, fermenting and maturing with wild yeasts. With over 6 years’ experience behind us, we have honed our brewing, maturation, and blending techniques to create year-round wild and sour beers with flavour, character and complexity.

From our experience and learnings, we have developed and released an incredibly diverse range of different beers with nearly 150 to date. Many of these beers we still make to this day, such us our Modus Operandi, the first beer we ever made, and Sourdough which is made from a 58-year-old Sourdough yeast culture. Often though, we make a beer that we will never make again, not because it wasn’t good but perhaps we have happily explored that particular discovery of flavour or taste.

What if we were to tell you that some of these previous releases aren’t all gone? 

Unlike traditional Pale Ale’s or IPA’s which are meant to be drank super fresh, the Wild yeasts in our ‘mixed cultured’ beers develop its flavour over time. We have kept back small amounts of our previous releases just for this reason and often the results have been staggering.

We have been ‘Cellaring’ some of our beers for up to 6 years, often well after their ‘best before dates’. We knew that these beers had the potential to develop beautifully in bottle, but until we actually try them then, we have absolutely no idea on the result. 

This is where you can really taste the variation in each of our different blends as the influence of each barrel, the different ratios of each blend, even the seasons and climate affect the beers ageing process in the barrel. Modus is the prime example of this, we have tasted every blend we’ve ever made to date side by side. The difference was remarkable, each beer still had the iconic Modus character but the complexities and balance varied significantly.

See below to get our first releases in our Cellar project. Very limited stock available!

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