From the cellar - May 2019


Introducing two new vintage releases from our Wild Beer vaults 

This month's From the Cellar selection is also an ode to our latest Fruition project. Our Fruition project is a celebration of fruit in beer and the diversity it brings to brewing. Since the beginning, fruit has been a fundamental part of our experimentation and creativity. 

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REDWOOD 2016 750 ML - Packaged 15/11/16

This particular batch of Redwood 2016 was specifically brewed and packaged for the American market, which we have never released in the UK before.

Redwood 2016 has a bright acidity with a deep funk aroma, which has developed over time. This beer was fermented with a lot of plums, it was racked onto used fruits such as redcurrant, cranberry, blackberry, damson, sloes and cherries, giving it an intense fruitiness.

This particular batch of Redwood was comprised of 2 brews; one of which fermented on fruit for 3 months and the other fermented for 1 year. This was the first time barrel-wrangler James had racked beer onto old fruits and reused barrels, which has now become a trademark practice at Wild Beer, a technique that has influenced the flavours of our fruiter barrel-aged beers.

To age Redwood 2016, we used the 2 whiskey barrels that housed the Redwood 2015 blend which further compliments the fruit flavours. As these barrels were so full of fruit by the end of ageing we had to take them apart and James created a table out of the remainder of these barrels which, to this day, stands in our barrel library.

Having had 2 and a half years in bottle, the balance of this beer has developed, creating a harmonious array of flavours from dry and funky to tart and acidic.

Future cellaring: drink now or cellar for up to 5 years.

AMUSE GOOSEBERRY 2015 - Packaged 25/9/15

We initially released an Amuse series, which was our first ever series of sours. This included a line up of Amuse Rhubarb, Amuse Bouche, Amuse Apricot and Amuse Gooseberry.

These were amongst some of our first sours, some of which were even hand bottled.

We chose to release Amuse Gooseberry as we feel it is synonymous with the Spring season and showcases the tart and zingy British gooseberry. 

Amuse Gooseberry is a blend of Amuse Bouche, Sourdough and Somerset Wild, with added gooseberries. 

This is a dry, full-bodied beer with a floral and freshly cut grass aroma. As the beer warms slightly the aroma becomes a bit funkier with a light straw smell. This aroma is created by the fresh gooseberries that were used during fermentation.

This beer has a bright, sherbert-like acidity which has balanced out over time. Notwithstanding its cellaring, this still works perfectly as an amuse bouche or palate cleanser.

Future cellaring: either drink now or cellar for up to another 5 years.

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