Glaston-Beery Virtual Festival!


As the festival goes virtual we put together our favourite artist + beer pairings

As Glastonbury festival heads virtual for 2020, we look back at some of the amazing acts of the years and make our own beer pairing suggestions for each one!

Our brewery is just a few miles down the road from our spiritual home-festival, gutted as we are it isn't on for 2020, we have had great fun putting to get our ultimate pairing list!

All of these acts below will be played on BBC Player over the weekend so make sure you join in and fill your fridges.

Friday: Elbow & Jay-Z

Elbow + Modus Operandi
Just listen to Guy Garvey's dulcet tones coming from the Pyramid stage. Elbow's often contemplative, alternative music builds in layers and takes the crowd on a journey. Perfect then to enjoy with a bottle of our Modus Operandi, a sour red ale that's full of complexity and waves of flavour.

Jay-Z & Vivo
Jay-Z's famous headline slot will go down in the history books after famously covering the thoroughly miffed Oasis' Wonderwall. Love it or not the set was great, predictably we have gone for something (hip)Hoppy with our new session IPA Vivo. Not only is Vivo packed with a punchy dry-hop but we have used the Norweigian Kviek yeast strain to ferment it which gives a wonderfully unique flavour.

Saturday: Toots and The Maytals & Chemical Brothers

Toots and The Maytals + POGO
Checkout the Maytals funky reggae set in the blazing Glastonbury sun, daytime sets don't get much better than this. We reckon there is only one beer for this and it's got to be POGO! Using a heap of tropical fruit, this jump-up Pale Ale is bound to get you grooving and stomping your feet!

The Chemical Brothers + Fruitbooter
Glastonbury isn't right without a Chemical Brothers set, they have played 8 times there already! They are confined to The Other Stage as the Pyramid's sound system can't handle their big-beat mega bangers. We'll be popping the acid hits with a few bottles of sour power - our Raspberry hit Fruitbooter. Tangy with a boot of fruit it's sours and banging tunes all the way.

Sunday: Amy Wineyhouse & David Bowie 

Amy Wineyhouse + Wineybeest
The late Amy Winehouse's 2007 set in the rain was hauntingly beautiful with her rapturous voice lifting a sea of umbrellas and breaking a few of us into tears. It's got to be a bottle of Wineybeest (not just for the pun) for this super decadent imperial stout is just what you need to warm you up from the rain and deliver a luscious boozy hit.

David Bowie + Funky Dory
If Bowie playing Heroes at the turn of the Millenium in his 2000 Glastonbury set doesn't give you goosebumps, not much else will... His set was epic and will be remembered forever. Our small tribute to the great man was our entry to the 'Brit Hop' project with 'Funky Dory' a properly wild IPA using our wild yeasts culture and British grown hops. You guys loved it, I think mainly due to our bowie-esc logo design on the bottle!