Goatober 2019


This year we are the offical drinks partner of Goatober.

This October we are proud to be the exclusive drink partner of ‘Goatober’; a month-long goat meat celebration held every year across the UK and worldwide. 

Goatober is all about sustainability and want to ensure that every male goat born into the dairy system go into the meat system too.

James Whetlor, international director of Goatober, says “Goatober spreads the word that goat meat is delicious, ethical and sustainable. The hope is to move goat meat into the mainstream with the goal that all billy goats born into the dairy system, anywhere in the world, will go into the food system, rather than being wasted.”

Here at Wild Beer, we have always had a big focus on beer and food pairings and the occasions where beer can be enjoyed. The inspiration for the conception of many of our brews have been ingredients, or food and drink experiences. We feel that the ethical and sustainable nature of Goatober reflects our ethos and the way in which we brew. The diversity and range of flavours produced from the chefs throughout Goatober is something that intrigued us and reflects our attitude to creating great beer. 

We will be pairing our beers with goat dishes across the month of October, with a specific focus on our beer Modus Operandi; an oak matured wild beer, aged for many months in Bourbon and Red Wine barrels.

To read more about Goatober and the events being held click here

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