Iced Modus 1st birthday


A celebration for one of our most unique Wild Beers to date

Iced Modus is about to have its first birthday!

Released in 2017, it was created to celebrate our 5th birthday at Wild Beer. It’s a beer that has been brewed, barrel-aged, blended, ice-distilled, barrel-aged, and blended again!. We went back to where it all began, Modus Operandi, the beer that started the brewery. What could we do to celebrate this milestone and to highlight our suitably Wildly Different way of doing things? The answer resulted in this beer; Iced Modus.

Inspired by some of our experiences from the last 5 years; of visiting and tasting the finest aged Balsamico vinegar at II Borgo del Balsamico, or the frozen elixir of the Eisbock process we loved at B.Unitied in Connecticut. We have created a unique and exciting taste experience. Expect a heady mix of chocolate, sour red berries, balsamic and rich smooth luxury. It isn’t a beer it’s a taste experience.

Now one year old, we still have some of these beauties left, sitting patiently in their unique flip-top bottles and decadent presentation boxes. It has developed beautifully over the last year and will continue to in the bottle.

For those who have yet to try it, we recommend watching this little review on it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohsuOe6VXLo

We are in no rush to let go of them, but if you wanted one then head to our online shop and stock up for Christmas, one to drink now, and one to age for years to come…

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