Isle of Avalon


Introducing Isle of Avalon... 

The name for our latest release is a beer born out of inspiration from our local Somerset surroundings. Isle of Avalon in Latin translates to Insula Avallonis meaning ‘the isle of fruit (or apple) trees’. Avalon is local and iconic, it’s something that is omnipresent throughout British history, literature and culture. The Glastonbury Tor ‘is known as being one of the most spiritual sites in the country’. It is this spirituality and mystery that we wanted to replicate through the complexities of the beer, pushing the boundaries of what barrel-ageing and blending can achieve.

Thomas Mallory’s Le Motre d’Arthur features Avalon as the place in which King Arthur went to rest and be healed.

The name ‘Avalon’ in fact is related to the Proto-Celtic word “abal” meaning apple. The inhabitants of the island were also said to have very long lifespans, so what better a name to call our ‘elixir’ after. To create ‘Isle Of Avalon’ we used Burrow Hill’s Cider apple pomace to ferment the beer on. Burrow Hill has been making cider on their farm for hundreds of years and are renowned for their traditional cider production methods. Their copper still is used to make cider brandy - becoming the first legal distillery in Somerset for 150 years.

For us, the Isle of Avalon denotes luscious and fruitful greenery - something we wanted to reflect in our collaboration with Alesong. We wanted to push the boundaries and test people’s perception of beer. We have used Pinot Noir wine barrels and cider apple pomace to create flavours and nuances to complement the beer. The end result is a drinking experience that embraces both our own and Alesong’s local terroir. ‘Isle of Avalon’ encapsulate of our ideals about using native raw produce and working to create a flavour, not a style.

Stay with us to follow the enigmatic journey of ‘Isle of Avalon’ and how it was conceived…

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