Isle of Avalon part 2...


One of our most innovative collaborations yet... 

Our collaboration with Alesong started back in 2017. Alesong are an award winning brewery established in 2015 that specialise in barrel aging, blending and using traditional Belgian brewing techniques. We are very honored and excited to bring you our collaboration with them.

We headed over to Burrow Hill Cider farm in south Somerset with Alesong to explore their cider farm and discuss the ways in which we wanted to incorporate apples into our blend.


We combined the apple pomace from Burrow Hill and the Pinot Noir barrels from King’s Estate in Oregon - the perfect combination of two terroirs.The Pinot barrels used, from King’s Estate in Oregon who are known as the ‘Kings of Pinot’, provide the balanced wine aspect of the beer. King’s Estate was founded in 1991 and are leading Pinot artists. Their clonal soil and climate-matched vineyard come together to help create their incredible organic wines.

The complexity of this beer is facilitated by the wine barrels and the natural cultures from within them. These barrels combined with our foudres and coolship creates a harmonious ensemble. The spontaneously fermented 2017 coolship that we added to the apple pomace, which was fermented in foudre, provides an individuality to the beer. The spontaneous fermentation adds a unique flavour and fermentation sequence to the beer as a result of the microflora in the air. This is similar to the natural yeast from the apple skins and the way in which it inoculates the beer with providing individuality.

This cider and wine-like beer is something very different - this is an innovative and unique beer that experiments with the finest produce both Somerset and Oregon have to offer.

This beer has phenomenal natural wine and cider aromas that completes this individual and uncompromised collaboration.

Isle of Avalon cuts through rich dishes and beautifully pairs with pan seared pork loin medallions. Served with a sour beer cream, mustard sauce and a thyme and mushroom mashed potato. The cider like acidity on the  finish of the beer is remarkable, it works well with numerous cheeses or stands incredibly well on its own.

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