Jessop House: a story of quality


Wild Beer at Jessop House is the Wild Beer Co’s first bar and restaurant: based in Cheltenham; split over three floors; in a beautiful Georgian town house. We will be showcasing our broad range of beers and those from other great breweries whose beers we love.

The Jessop House team spent 10 days going through some immersive training prior to opening including a visit to the brewery and several tastings hosted by Andrew and Brett. Needless to say they are all incredibly passionate about the amazing food and drinks they serve and are always on hand for an explanation when it’s needed.

A key component which they experienced while at the brewery was one of quality which is paramount in everything we do here at the Wild Beer Co. From the Brewhouse to the fermentation tanks and barrel store all the way to the packaging line we measure, record, analyse and ensure nothing leaves the brewery that isn’t of impeccable quality. 

Wild Beer at Jessop House is an extension of that focus on quality where we have immaculate standards when it comes to serving beer. The flux capacitor that is able to adjust the pressures on each individual beer, to ensure the beer is dispensed as it was intended. We feel this is so important to our company culture that we have the pressure gauges viewable at the bar. Equally, our glassware was rigorously selected as being the best in presenting aromas and beers are served in correct measures to fully appreciate each pour.

Our high quality standards don’t stop there; the last link in the chain is our team on the floor and behind the bar. We believe in every one of them and know they have the knowledge and skills to deliver the expert advice, guidance and information to make your experience in Wild Beer at Jessop House an incredible journey of flavour.

Drink Wildly Different. Eat Wildly Different. Think Wildly Different. 


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Jessop House 

30 Cambray Place


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