Virtual Beer & Cheese Festival!


We take this year's Beer & Cheese festival online!

 Main Event Friday - May 15th, 8-9.30pm

Join us for the LIVE Beer & Cheese Pairing with our Co-founder Brett Ellis and Westcombe Dairy's Tom Carver!
We will be tasting 4x amazing pairings and taking you on a short virtual tour of our brewery!
Head to www.wildbeerco.com at 8pm to join!

Virtual Brewery Tour - Saturday, May 16th, 1-2pm

Join Brett for a tour around our Wild-brewery and see where we make some of your favourite beers 

Goat & Beer BBQ with Cabrito's James Wheltor - Saturday, May 16th, 3-4pm

Head to www.wildbeerco.com just before the event starts to join! 


We are bringing the Beer & Cheese festival BACK, all be it virtually! 

With a heavy heart, we had to cancel this year's festival which was due to take place on May 16th. Our Beer & Cheese festival is hands down our favourite event of the year, last year we had over 2000 people join us to celebrate our best festival yet. For 2020 we had plans to make it even better so we were devastated that it had to be cancelled We are, however, bringing it back the festival spirit with a LIVE tasting evening and other Beer & Cheese entertainment over the same weekend!

We will have our co-founder Brett Ellis along with Westcombe Dairy's top cheesemaker Tom Carver talking through the Beers + Cheeses on offer and how they are made and compliment each other so well!

We have also put together two amazing Beer & Cheese tasting boxes for you to purchase ahead of the event on Friday 15th. We will be tasting through 4 epic Beer & Cheese pairings with you where you can join in the festivities from your own home!

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