Wild Beer Co is a SUPREME CHAMPION and we're not talking Crufts!

This week Madness IPA was crowned Supreme Champion by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) in its National Beer Competition 2015, announced at its BeerX celebration of British beer in Sheffield.


With nearly 800 breweries entering the SIBA competitions it is a hell of an achievement to come out with a national title!

Madness IPA was the Supreme Champion in the keg competition, judged by a panel of industry-experts, brewers, beer-writers and landlords. We reckon they must have ordered the big citrus and tropical fruit hop characters from over 35kg of hops that make every batch of Madness smell and taste AMAZING.

Brett  said, "It's a fantastic reward for all the hard work our team have been doing over the past year, and amazing to receive an award like this when we are only just over 2 years old as a business. Our enthusiastic brewing team, some of whom have only been in the industry for just over a year, have been striving to improve every detail of our brewing and packaging processes. The award shows how all the attention to detail and every small change we have made has had a positive effect on the beer. We hope you all order tons of it now - although if you could wait a month so we can fit it into the brewing program that would be great!"