Magic Rock Collaboration


It has been a long time in the making and we thought it was time to put our heads together to come up with something special. It didn't take long before we established that we had too many ideas and just one beer wasn't an option so we set about conceptualising two new beers both with very different directions.

Our master brewer Mike provided a breakdown of how the day turned out...

It’s been a great week at Wild Beer, as we had the pleasure of entertaining the guys from Magic Rock Brewing for not one, but TWO collaborative beers. We were originally planning to brew the two beers in one day but, alas, beer often has it’s own schedule to keep!

The first beer is a 6% New England style Indian pale ale, primarily fermented with Vermont yeast, and to ramp up the wild side of things, we will be finishing it off with a healthy dose of Brettanomyces. With a good amount of German Cascade and Nelson Sauvin in the whirlpool, we’ll be dry hopping with some newly developed Lupulin powder. Using Oats gives this one a beaitifully smooth and creamy finish.  

The second beer is a base beer to be blended at a later date, and is one of the first beers we have brewed to go directly into foudre. It showcases Imperial malt from the fantastic Simpsons Maltings and with 20% Oat malt (the culprit behind a… slow, brew day) we should have a great, complex base to play with.

Wildly Magical stuff!

Stay posted...