The Making of - After Oak


The making of our newest release...

We’ve had an amazing variety of new releases and different beer styles over the last couple of months, ranging from hazy IPAs and fruity sours, to our recent 2021 Coolship blend and Pressed for Time, our grape and grain style beer. The latest brew we have been experimenting with is a blend of saisons and bitters.

Introducing After Oak, a funky barrel aged older sibling of Murmur and Wild IPA, aged in neutral oak barrels rich in our wild cultures as well as some freshly emptied Port barrels which have had our take on a best bitter ageing in them for the last 2 years.

DryHop wise, After Oak was built around using locally sourced English hops, the classic brambling cross from Brook House Hops in Hertfordshire, and Centennial American noble hops from Yakima Chief.

Adjusting the flavours, aromas, and subtle nuances with the selection of barrels for this blend, the core base for After Oak is a Belgian saison blended from ten oak barrels holding seven different Wild beers including Shika, Wild IPA, Murmur and Bibble.

Most of the base worts were fermented on different yeasts to what we usually use and were fermented in steel tanks and then barrel aged, letting the hot side hop charges control the growing acidity associated with many oak aged beers.

We also included in a couple of barrel fermented beers too, including one fermented on wine yeast cultivated from Pressed for Time and a tasty Brett ale, both adding a touch of sugar needed for the secondary fermentation hops to further bring out the lime like citrus acidity.

Furthermore, we added in aged Bibble and Wild IPA that were fermented on second use plums used for our Cascade collaboration, Overture, to get a delicate fruitiness which adds body to the blend, rather than obvious fruit flavours and aromas.

The finished beer is a unique one-off creation that has an easy drinkability yet is nuanced and contemplative. An elegant moreish barrel aged wild ale, balancing oak tannins and hop bitterness with floral and grapefruit aromas. After oak features notes of honeydew melon, orange oil and pithy grapefruit bitterness, with a soft citrus acidity and a bitter oak finish. A beautiful and complex oaky Belgian style beer.

After Oak is available right now on our web shop here

Stay tuned for more launches, we have some very exciting brews in the pipeline over the next few months...

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