Meet the team!


You've had the beers... now meet the team behind them! 

Introducing our 'Wildling' team... 

We’re going to be chatting to our lovely staff about why they got involved with Wild Beer, the beers the love and just a bit about them - keep an eye out on our social media and website stories to find out more...

Our staff are paramount and we think it’s about time you got to know us and put a face to our beers. Our team work tirelessly to produce, blend, create, plan, sell, market, troubleshoot and attend events and we want to give them the love they deserve!

If you have any questions you want to pose to our team - let us know! 

First Introduction - Russell: Brewing Team Lead

Brewer spotlight

Favourite Wild Beer?
Wildebeest - on a cold night, in front of a warm fire.
Favourite 'not Wild Beer'?
Brooklyn Brewery's Black Ops, which - if you believe their marketing department - doesn't actually exist. It does and it's good.
What got you into brewing?
The mix of science and art which combines physical work with creation and continual learning.
Previous experience in other breweries?
My first brewing job was with a small brewery and taproom in Stocklinch. I started at Wild Beer as a Packaging Assistant and have progressed to Lead Brewer over 4 years.
What inspires you to brew?
The huge potential for exploring and developing flavours, once you step outside the restrictions of traditional brewing and styles.
What's something you'd like to do brewing-wise that we have yet to do?
A small pack (can or bottle) collaboration series with our awesome friends in social enterprise breweries.
Having fun and making lots of noise with my one-year-old son.
Would you rather fight a hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?
A hundred duck sized horses, I could never fight a duck - horse sized or otherwise. Ducks are awesome. 

Tech questions

Why is lactose added to Pogo?
The sugars in lactose are not fermented by the yeast in Pogo and remain in the beer, adding extra sweetness and body.
What is your current biggest challenge at the brewery?
Meeting demand.
Where does Shika get it's name?
The marketing team, probably.
How do you achieve the dryness in a Brut IPA?
An enzyme is added to brut IPAs during fermentation, this converts the more complex malt sugars (which are not normally fermentable) into ones which the yeast can ferment - this makes the beer less sweet (dry).

Thanks, Russ! You can now get back to your general brewing awesomeness now! No you can't have a t-shirt for doing the interview, you already have all of the merch we have ever made. A keyring? Okay fine, as long as you persuade someone to do the interview with us next time!

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