Meet the team.. part 3!


You've had the beers... now meet the team behind them! 

We’re going to be chatting to our lovely staff about why they got involved with Wild Beer, the beers the love and just a bit about them - keep an eye out on our social media and website stories to find out more...

Our staff are paramount and we think it’s about time you got to know us and put a face to our beers. Our team work tirelessly to produce, blend, create, plan, sell, market, troubleshoot and attend events and we want to give them the love they deserve!

If you have any questions you want to pose to our team - let us know! 

Roxy Parsons - Queen of the warehouse 

Lovely Roxy is one of the newer members of the Wild Beer family but she's come in with a bang and we all love working with her! 

Staff Spotlight

Favourite Wild Beer?
Nebula for my go-to BUT I’ve newly discovered Wildebeest and now I’m addicted!

Favourite 'not Wild Beer'?
Bristol Beer Factory ‘Papillon’ from a couple of years ago. I can’t stop thinking about it...

What got you into the brewing industry?
Hanging around cider orchards in deepest darkest Somerset with red-nosed reprobates.

Do you have previous experience in other breweries/similar companies?
I used to look after wholesale orders and local delivery customers for Orchard Pig Cider; I absolutely loved it but beer is my true love!

What's something you'd like to do at Wild Beer that we have yet to do?
I heard a rumour about beer jacuzzis… we need one installed!

Got any hobbies?
Hiking in the woods, riding my motorbike and you won’t believe me but flower arranging. 

Would you rather fight a hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck? 
A hundred duck sized horses. I’ve had some past horse drama and its payback time.

Favourite holiday destination? - Anywhere with mountains and wildflowers; next on the hit-list are the Italian Dolomites.

One food you can't live without?

Favourtie netflix series?
I only watch Gardeners World now I have no idea whats on Netflix

Favourite childhood TV show?
The Raccoons

Best place to go for a drink?
The Halfway House at Pitney