Millionaire Is In Cans


We have canned our first ever Wild-Stout!

Millionaire joins our 6 other Wild cans to complete our ever-growing lineup.

These 7 beers have all been canned for their drinkability, freshness, and accessibility. We believe that our different vessels significantly alter the drinking experience of the beers. From our 750ml sharing (not always) bottles that are painstakingly hand-waxed to our iconic 330ml bottles, and finally our cans. Each one is great depending on the occasion as they change the way you drink beer.

We believe Millionaire sits in cans perfectly. It has been our most rated beer online, most popular on our online shop, and most requested by you for us to put into a can.

What makes Millionaire so great?

We use only speciality Munich Malt for its base, they are much higher quality and therefore more expensive than standard dark malts. It’s what gives Millionaire the incredible full-mouthfeel which is rare in a relatively low abv beer.

We use Valrhona Cacao Nibs to bring the chocolate element to the beer. These are renowned to be the highest quality available and because of this are used by chocolatiers and pastry chefs around the world.

We source Cornish sea salt for the salty kick at the end of the beer that brings the salted caramel delight and finishes off the beer.

Using lactose brings the milk in the milk-stout, sorry nope this beer isn’t vegan but it is one of the few of ours that isn’t. The lactose gives a silky smooth mouthfeel and lush velvety sweetness in the beer.

Try out Millionaire from the can now so you can see what all the fuss is about!

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