There's been a Murmur... 

Pairing beer and food has always been our passion. It was from this love that Murmur was born; a beer inspired by wine... 

Murmur is a complex yet delicate beer brewed with three different yeasts (Chardonnay, French red wine, and Belgian ale), to create a balance of vinous notes. During fermentation we add the Chardonnay yeast to facilitate the vinous flavour and crisp dryness we aim to achieve with this beer.

The 'Brut' aspect of Murmur contributes a cutting element for rich dishes and further replicates a dry white wine. We decided to use wine yeast in Murmur as we’re inspired by what winemakers are able to achieve through the mannoproteins in the yeast. The mannoproteins provide a wine-like mouthfeel that works harmoniously with the dry and crisp aspects in the beer.

Murmur is the perfect dinner guest, with a low bitterness and citrus-like acidity is a great alternative to wine whilst being a beverage with a rich mouthfeel and complex notes that compliments a number of dishes. 

The wine influences continue through our hop selection. It's dry hopped with Nelson Sauvin, a hop that reflects the Sauvignon Blanc grape in flavour and aroma, adds a fruity dryness to Murmur. This coupled with the grassy and earthy qualities of the Hallertau Blanc dry hop evokes a vinous omnipresence.

The use of wine at Wild Beer has not begun or ended with Murmur. For years we have been barrel ageing our beers in wine barrels or using grape must during the fermentation. The likes of Wineybeest and Squashed Grape are amongst those that are wine inspired and use and manipulate these well known flavours to create something that challenges the drinker’s perception and understanding. By pushing the boundaries of what something is supposed to be, such as a wine or a beer, this galvanises our taste buds and in turn elicits a realm in which this kind of experimentation can be further explored.

Try pairing Murmur with your favourite food dishes and explore its versatility for yourself. 

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