Newest Beers 2015


It’s been a busy few months in the brewery with the team meeting demand on current beers as well as brewing up loads of new ones for you to get familiar with!

Redwood 2015

The return of our annual, autumnal barrel aged fruit beer. Using locally foraged red fruits from the hedgerows around the brewery we harvest in early autumn and push this into oak barrels. The beer and berries then lay to rest for a full year in the barrel, maturing with the wild yeasts and bacteria which feast slowly on the fruits, almost completely consuming them – sometimes all that’s left in the barrel are the pips!

This re-fermentation with fruit means Redwood is light and bright and bursting with red fruit character imparted from the ex-wine barrels as well as the fruits themselves. Excellent fresh but with plenty of scope to cellar well – we are already excited for vertical tastings in years to come (we’ve squirreled some away for it already).

BrettBrett Double IPA

It’s no secret that we love wild yeast, in particular Brettanomyces. This versatile yeast strain can provide so much variation in character between overt funky “barnyard” aromas to amazing tropical esters or very unassuming background note allowing all the other ingredients to come forward. Brettanomyces also has been seen to improve hop character, particularly aroma, by breaking down hop glycocides and as it scavenges oxygen it actively decreases the degradation of hop character over time.

A study in wild fermentation, this west coast style Double IPA is 100% fermented with Brettanomyces, a wild yeast strain. Brett (for short) is a very aggressive yeast which dries the beer right out, fully attenuating the beer leaving it crisp, clean and dangerously sessionable. The combination of American and Southern hemisphere hops is a riot of resinous pine and heavy hitting tropical flavours.

Squashed Grape

Using Wild yeast and ingredients to create something unique and delicious is something we always strive for at the Wild Beer Co. We believe we have a certain terroir using our proprietary yeast captured from Somerset cider orchards. This locality and sense of place roots us here in Somerset, beer with a sense of place.

To further these elements we sourced some grape must (or pomace) from local vineyards – a waste product in wine production in which we saw great potential. We took these spent grape skins and stalks and pushed them into a saison brewed with our proprietary yeast to inoculate it with the wild bacteria and yeast present on the skin which would have historically fermented the juice to wine. This creates an incredibly tart sourness but also the most incredible “funky” character.

The Winter Blend

The blend is an expression of what we do and why we do it. This is a celebration of our love affair with wild yeasts, sour beer, barrel-ageing and blending.

In a Gueze-Inspired fashion this beer has been blended immaculately to reflect the best possible flavours we can achieve at Winter 2016, for Winter 2016. Ruby red with complex sourness and rich aromas, extremely light on the palette with assertive acidity and loads of oak character. The Winter Blend is a culmination of approximately 25 barrels from our library of 350, spanning from barrels aged for one year right back to three years at the very beginning of Wild Beer.


The nights are almost at their longest and coldest. So it’s time for Wildebeest to make its return to us. An imperial stout at a festive 11% ABV packed full of Ethiopian coffee beans, 1000Vanilla pods and valrhona cocoa nibs. It’s not messing about - Wildebeest is rich, intense and warming, it demands attention.

Find an armchair, a fire and possibly some strong blue cheese. Luxuriate in a spot of decadence while you reflect on the year that has just passed. 


Phew! It's been busy but fun getting all of these out to you before the end of the year. Keep an eye out for more new releases next year. And in the mean time have a great festive season - we hope it's filled with Wild Beers!