Our Bars


We don’t just make our beer, we also sell it in our own bars. Our venues explore new trends and tastes in the market place and lead by example in exploring beer and food’s harmonious relationship. 

We currently have two restaurant bars, Jessop House in Cheltenham and Wapping Wharf in Bristol, with a third on the way at the new brewery. We aren’t looking to roll out a chain, but to keep it fresh, different and exciting, carrying the Wild Beer food and drink ethos into the public consciousness. 

The concept of a beer dinner is very simple in our opinion - to bring good food, good beer and good people together. We want our beers to spark conversation and discussion, to engage people’s pallets and make you think about what you are tasting. A truly social occasion.


Our passionate and knowledgeable bar and chef teams delight our guests every day and strengthen the bond our drinkers have with our beers. They set a standard for bringing food and beer together in a welcoming and quality environment, where education and information are a part of the experience. 

We look forward to seeing you soon.