Our New Beers


In 2016 we produced 19 unique beers not including annual/seasonal releases. This year we are set to top that with a focus on experimentation and innovation in our creative beers.

Already in just the first two months we have released:



Raconteur 3yr


Barrel-Aged Yadokai

Men Who Stare at Oats


Spicy Crowd

Cloudy Crowd.

Here are a few confirmed seasonal releases to wet your appetite:

The Summer Blend 2017 - our Gueuze-inspired blend to showcase the best flavours we can take from our barrel library at that point in time for that point in time. 

Redwood 2017 - sour red ales that has spent one year in barrels on top of every kind of berry and fruit we can get our hands on in the late summer foraging harvest. 

Squashed Grape - after a sabbatical year we will be rereleases squashed grape having tweaked the process and utilising our red wine founders for the first time. 

Foraged Wild - four seasonal releases embracing the seasonality of forgeable ingredients. Whether it’s herbs, fruits or vegetables, if it’s forage-able it’s brew-able!

Creativity in all forms makes it’s way into the conception of our beers and we embrace the ideas of all of our staff members to make some truly incredible beers.