Our newest canned beer


We love the hoppy fruit bomb that is POGO, so we gave it a can!

POGO was a draft only release earlier this year which was such a hit with both customers and staff that we decided it needed a more accessible package. And what better way to store a hoppy pale ale packed with fruit than a can?!

We wanted to create a big juicy fruit bomb with a low enough ABV to have a session on. Our head brewer, Brett, built the recipe around his favourite tropical fruits: Passion fruit, Orange, Guava and more Orange. 

It was about this time at the brewery that we aquired two pogo sticks and they swiftly became the passtime of choice with the brewers. During tank transfers and when waiting for boils you could here the regular spring and thump of pogos in the yard... 

Putting this beer in cans alongside our other hoppy pale ales was the only option with thier perfect protection of beer from sunlight and oxygen, their superior stackable storage and their versitility of drinking anywhere anytime (almost). 

Grab yourself a pogo and enjoy the sun as you bounce around for joy with a can of POGO!