Wild Beer x Cascade Brewing 

Overture: an orchestral piece. 

This beer, curated by the hands of some of the finest sour producers internationally, is a menagerie of wild yeasts, fruits, experience and passion. Patiently evolving over the past two years, Overture has finally been released into the wild. Carefully conceptualised and brought to life in collaboration with Cascade Brewing from Oregan, we have been able to curate an outstanding sour saison representing the best of both Wild Beer and Cascade Brewing. 

This sour saison has been fermented and aged in Bourbon barrels in our oak library for a year before being Foudre aged on top of 200kgs of juicy Somerset Victoria plums and 300kgs of tart local Merryweather damsons. These fruits incited a secondary fermentation in which the natural yeasts of the fruit created a sharp and acidic fruit character.

Overture started life as a Belgian Tripel with Belgian candi sugar and fermented with our house mixed cultures - giving it that essence of a true Wild Beer. Tradition and Aurora whole hops were used in the brew to facilitate the intensity and length of the souring. The souring process is integral to the legendary flavour profiles of both Cascade Brewing and ourselves and really defines the beer.

Following the fermentation of the Belgian Tripel, we inoculated this brew with a number of barrels, one of which being from our very first season of coolshipping. Aged for two years before being added to the Tripel, the Coolship adds a real sense of the Wild to Overture. Fermented with our local Westcombe microflora, the Coolship captures a part of our brewery at a certain time which culminates in this incredible encapsulation of wild brewing and the spirit of collaborations. 

Mike, Cascade’s head brewer, joined us to help select some barrels to help inoculate the beer with, using his great knowledge of sour beers, to advance the yeast and bacteria and therefore the flavours of the beer. 

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