Rainbow Project 2016


Rainbow Project 2016, 7 UK Breweries, 7 NZ Breweries, 7 Colours of the Rainbow.

The Rainbow Project is a Siren Craft Brew initiative which began in 2013, when seven breweries from the UK were all assigned a colour and asked to brew a beer loosely based around that colour.

Skip forward to 2016 and the focus has been on international collaborations making it's way through Europe, the USA and this years' collaborators all hailing from New Zealand.

Limitation breeding creativity means that this is not only a massive collaboration but the variety of beers that come out of it are astounding, this year is no excption!

The mixed case of all 7 + a bespoke glass will be launch on Saturday the 17th when several events across the UK launch the 7 beers on keg and bottle. Get yourself along to Beavertown, Siren, Hawkshead or Magic rock for brewery launches and Small bar and Hanging bat are hosting tap launches as well as dinners taking place at both of our restaurants. 

This year we were teamed up with 8 Wired who reflect our ethos for barrel aging and sour blending over in New Zealand. We landed on the colour Blue:

Ideas flew back and forth across the equator centered around the colour Blue: using e numbers, icebergs, berries, potatoes, even a dye used in brewing which turns your pee blue (sadly poisonous...)! But in the end we went far more abstract and took the classic Frenchblack & blue steak as our inspiration.

Thus was born Black and Blue – a raw ale, un-hopped and un-boiled, fermented and aged in re-toasted bourbon casks for an extra charred flavour alongside brisk acidity from fermentation with our house cultures in barrels for over 6 months.