Roll on the Pilsner


 Roll on our first Italian pilsner style beer... Rolling Pils!

Roll on the Pilsner

It might seem like everyone is drinking IPAs these days, however arguably lager is the most popular style of beer globally, at least by volume! Lager isn’t always brewed to its potential, and we think it’s time that we put the heart and soul back into this beer style. That's why we are extremely excited by our first Italian style pilsner beer Rolling Pils!

Worthy of the name 

The term 'lager' is used to denote beer produced from bottom-fermenting yeast since it does not rise to the top of the brewing vessel during fermentation, distinguishable from ales which are made from top-fermented yeast, specifically using the yeast strain ‘Saccharomyces Pastorianus’. Known for being crisper, cleaner and more refreshing than ales, lagers are lighter in body and ABV, while being moderate to high in carbonation. 

Rolling Pils

Rolling Pils has been a long time in the making and planning, combining different wild beer practices to make a bright, crisp and highly aromatic lager.

In order to produce a satisfyingly simple yet crisp and thirst-quenching Italian-style Pils, our brewers have been working hard to fine-tune every element involved in the making of this beer. The fermentation was especially important, ensuring we had enough super healthy yeast was essential, as was getting the temperature and pressure correct. Specifically, the challenge was to create just the right playground for our yeast culture to transform the unfermented wort into beer!

rolling pils lager

This highly hopped pilsner showcases our European Saaz LupoMax hops, resulting in pleasant aromas of lemon, freshly cut grass and herbal notes, as well as an effervescent and light drinking experience.

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A Trip Through Time

Taking a trip through time, we have a lot to thank Lager and the origin of it all the way back to 1400’s from Northern Europe, in what is now Germany, Austria and the Czech republic. Over the past nine years we have been experimenting and adapting the way we produce our lagers, one of our first lagers we ever created all the way back in 2015, made specifically for the festival FarmFest, who we have been supplying our beers to for the past five years.

Over time as a brewery, we have been experimenting to push the boundaries year on year within lager creation.


In 2017 we introduced Chronos, one of our biggest experiments within lager to date. This 5.8% crisp malt lager is something we are especially proud of.

What’s in a name? The Greek god Chronos is depicted as the personification of time. Fittings for its namesake, this beer was lagered for over a month in one of our 6800L oak foudres, producing a dry but delicate and well-rounded lager.

Brettanomyces and lager yeast are polar opposites that share one thing in common – time will improve their flavour. Combining our wild take on beer with traditional lager methods, added a subtle complexity that accentuated the easy drinking nature of this beer. As complex as it was refined the embodiment of how time and gentle ageing can benefit flavour.

Saaz Trek 

Not too long after in 2018 we hooked up with Budweiser Budvar in the Czech Republic, who have a long heritage of expert lager brewing. A beer that boldly went where no beer had gone before, named with a nod to the Czech Saaz hop prominent in the finish, resulting in a dark beer brought together by two different brews (a dark lager and a dark ale).  

Developed over the course of six months and a thousand miles between our two breweries, we fused Budvar’s dedication to tradition and ingredients with the innovation and experimentation of our brewery. Saaz Trek was released on cask only across bars and restaurants in 2018 and debuted at the Euston Tap in London where this collab sold out in record time across, allowing us to continue our experiments with lagering.

Watch the video below to find out more!


Sleeping Limes

Inspired by summer-style beverages and Mexican cuisine, this lager is the distant relative of our Sleeping Lemons. With a different take on its predecessor, the inspiration behind this lager arose from a Corona with a slice of lime wedge (but stepped up a notch).

Sleeping Limes is a clean and crisp lager, with refreshingly tangy limes and a moreish briny finish, using both the zest and juice of the lime. Launched in 2018 as a one-off seasonal beer, Sleeping Limes has continuously graced us with a new batch each year, ready for summer! 

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Next in our experimentation with lager is Shika. Produced to be our house lager in a 440ml can, Shika is a departure from our usual foray of wild cultures, sour beer and barrel ageing. Brewed to have a clean, crisp and refreshing character, whilst remaining incredibly sessionable. Bright citrus and fruity hop characters are brought to the forefront, whilst a subtle mouthfeel and moreish after taste prevail. 

At the heart of all our Wild Beers is the terroir from the land in which they were born. At our remote brewery in Somerset, we brew with only the freshest of water sourced from our local spring and this freshness is passed on to all of our beers and none more so than Shika. The freshness of the water is accentuated with the bright dry hop character resulting in the perfect accompaniment for the summer months ahead.

Haven’t tried this one yet? Why not give it a go today!

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shika lager

Time Flies! 

Fast forward to 2020, we brought out our complex and enticing barrel-aged lager, Tick Tock. Lagered for a total of 18 weeks, 8 weeks in stainless steel and barrel aged for 10 cold, winter weeks in 225lt French red wine barrels. 

Our team effectively blended oaky tannins with a well matured lager to bring a little complexity alongside a crisp, cool and clean finish. The oak maturation or ‘lagering’ has given a richer malt character, making this the most unique of all the lagers we’ve created. Tick Tock finishes off with a smooth finish and features aromas of honey and oak, with hints of red wine and spice.


While Quantic is a beautiful core IPA, we actually use lager yeast and techniques to make a beer that resembles what is now well known as a Cold IPA. This emerging style involves fermenting slowly and at a lower temperature to give drinkers a crisper IPA followed by a dry hop with Simcoe, Cascade and Mosaic, resulting in a beautifully distinctive tropical dry hop profile, without dipping too far into being a lager-style. 

Quantic IPA

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What's next for us?

At the moment we don’t have any future lagers in the pipeline as the excitement is focused on Rolling Pils, although our barrel wrangler James has several interesting ideas for potential beers including a baltic porter fermented with lager yeast, a steam beer lager fermented at ale temperature and a barrel aged Märzen. However there’s a number of exciting and compelling releases in the plan for the rest of the year! 

You may have spotted our teasers on socials for our BA strawberry sour that will be released shortly so keep your eyes peeled for this exciting summer beer. We’ve also released today our limited edition Delusions of Grandeur! At a whopping 20% this boozy yet balanced imperial stout is decadent with sherry-like qualities, plenty of bourbon barrel oak and tons of richness!

DOG stout beer

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