Winter has come and so has the finale of 'Rooting Around'

Our latest seasonal beer series is brewed for each season with foraged ingredients available to us at the time.
We are passionate about seasonality and foraging at Wild Beer. By embracing our local terroir we brew beers in pursuit of flavour over style.

Here are the beers we feel perfectly encapsulate the seasons:

Spring is a time of growth, excitement and green things. Revitalised trees are the essence of this with fresh green leaves appearing in the Spring sun. We’ve taken this inspiration of freshness to create a very ‘green’ beer brewed with Beech and Linden leaves! At a refreshingly low ABV as well this is a thirst-quencher for surprisingly bright days. Best enjoyed al fresco when blue bells are blooming, the sun is shining but there’s still a nip in the air.

Summer, utilises all aspects of the cherry tree apart from the fruit. Branches in the mash tun, buds and leaves in the boil and most importantly blossom (both white and pink) post fermentation. Finally aged in ex Modus Operandi barrels with our wild cultures, this beer is bold, tart, and robust yet full of the nuances and complexities of the cherry tree.

Autumn, seeks to harness the flavour of Autumn with the use of a fig tree. Toasty, roasted and nutty malt flavours perfectly capture the darker nights and crisp chill in the air. Fig fruits work perfectly with this malty backbone however toasted fig leaves are the star ingredient here. They impart a lightly toasted coconut character which marries with the fig fruits and contrasts the tannic bite of the fig wood.

Winter marries the best of our local surroundings with a desire to do something different. The result is a fitting finale to the Rooting Around series and a perfect addition to the long dark nights of winter. Expect a warmth and earthiness from this wild ale, with plum and raisin notes from an aromatic malt bill whilst red rye delivers a crimson hue and nutty overtone. Top with a creamy smooth mouth feel and your have a triumphant climax to the series.

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